About Me

To understand a thought without words is a gift through identifying the senses of your surroundings, be it an individual’s expression or in nature’s hum. At a young age I looked within to find things around me that would help me express how I felt and what I found was a sense of peace through working with my hands.

I feel objects from nature allow us the opportunity to express ourselves through natural materials. Seldom is anything else so pure, I believe in sharing this with others through an open concept and an individual vision my client’s share with me. Through the years I’ve been able to create pieces for my family and friends, with their support and vision I look forward to having the opportunity to share this passion with my clients. Let’s create this expression of ourselves and leave something to be appreciated by generations to come.

I look forward to collaborating with customers that appreciate the hard work involved in handmade furniture. Call or email .

– T.J. Frierson

Handcrafted Artisan Woodwork

Meet the man behind the beautiful wood furniture
    T.J. Frierson
    T.J. Frierson

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